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The Hobbit: the unexpected eyebrows

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I’m just a needy piece of shit that needs constant reassurance that I’m wanted

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'Bitch you got me all the way fucked up'

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Ancient post-it notes!


How often do you reach for a Post-It note? Maybe you’re making that to do list, or figuring out your groceries. But you know, what if you lived BEFORE Post-It notes or scrap paper? What would you use then?

In Thebes, where these examples are from, and across the Roman Empire, scraps of used and broken pottery would be used to scribble quick notes. These examples are called ostraka. Most of the ostraka that our conservators and curators are studying right now contain notes on taxes and granary receipts from the second century AD.

The notes are written in Greek script. Kay Sunahara, ROM archaeologist studying these pieces, described the Greek langage at the time as, “the lingua franca of the Mediterranean”. Greek was the most frequently used written language, used to help bridge the gap between speakers of different languages, much like English today.

The majority of these pieces we’re found and acquired in the early 1900’s by none other than ROM founder Charles T. Currelly.

So how are these scrap pieces of pottery useful to archaeology today? Are grocery lists really that vaulabe? For archaeologists, ostraka provide them with a great deal of information about the people who left these notes in the first place. Information such as what people were eating, trading for, in trouble for, and the prices of things, give us a unique look into those who lived far before us, in this case well over a thousand years ago.

Interestingly enough, it also shows us just how similar we are to those who lived long before. Everyone needs groceries, and a reminder letter, maybe from their mom, or from their husband, of what to get from the store.

National Archaeology Day takes place on October 20th at the ROM and many other museums around the world!

Marilyn by Joshua Logan in 1956.

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I didn’t even mean to ship it this hard

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Debbie Allen and Phylicia Rashād
(1st salute to Black Sisterhood!)

Born Phylicia Ayers-Allen on June 19, 1948 (Ageless at 65 years)
Born Deborrah Kaye Allen on January 16, 1950 (Forever young at age 64)

Howard Women

Black Dont Crack 



 Houston’s own.

I feel like it’s not fair that they are sisters. Like, so much talent in one family?! Queens.

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Fake Pockets: A How To

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Marilyn Monroe by Joseph Jasgur, 1946. 

Marilyn Monroe by Joseph Jasgur, 1946. 

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Look girl, you are a holy ocean into which boys willingly plunge. They are standing on your shore, dying to drown in you. Look girl, we can all tell you hold too many untouched continents to count. We have our flags ready, hoping that you will let one of us claim you. Here is the truth: You are not like the others. You ring in our ears, you tangle our vocal chords. We sing you in our sleep. You are not like the rest. You are a bruise, you are a stain. And when you leave, the memory of you long remains. Your laugh is louder, your heart a shouter, your skin a secret we hope to breathe. We speak you like a promise-true, not yet ruined, always slightly out-of-tune. But, like all good things, you are so easily cracked and broken. You contain so much of what we want to be that we threaten to drain you completely. So, I tell you this: Keep your hills green, your lakes full of fish, your sunsets unphotographed. We will do nothing but cover you in slobber. Keep your trees standing, your passion demanding, your heart shining like the moon. When we come by the shipload, turn us away. We will only mark you, then leave. And you deserve so much more than our footprints on you.

I Have Thrown You Into The Sky Because That Is The Only Place You’re Safe | Lora Mathis  (via lora-mathis)

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